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Kinda Crunchy Kate is Moving to the Windy City!



I’ve been gone from this space for so long because my husband finally got a job! He’s been looking for a job for 18 months now and the Lord has finally answered our prayers and provided a job that actually has something to do with what he went to school for.  (He has a PhD in Systematic Theology, if you’re curious.) We found out a month ago that he got the job and have been packing like crazy people ever since. We leave in 7 hours to start a new chapter in our lives. So exciting, and terrifying, all at the same time!

This space will unfortunately continue to be pretty quiet until we find a place to live in Chicago, which will most likely be a couple of months, as I’ll have very infrequent access to the internet.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone in March! I’ve made lots of green and crunchy goals for the year and I’m looking forward to figuring out how to do those in Chicago.



Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Winners!


Christmas Giveaway Tree 4

Here are the winners of the Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaways!

Eco Natural Soap

eco natural soap

The winner of the Eco Natural Soap giveaway is Carly with this comment: EcoNatural Soap Giveaway winner comment


Rose of Sharon Acres

rose of sharon

The winner of the Rose of Sharon Acres giveaway is Kendra with this comment:Rose of Sharon Acres giveaway winner comment



Graham Gardens

graham gardens

The winner of the Graham Gardens giveaway is Rachel at Day2Day Joys with this comment:Graham Gardens Giveaway Winner Comment

Don’t forget! The coupon code KrunchyKate25 is good through November 30th for 25% off your order from Graham Gardens!



Koko by Cosmoda


The winner of the Koko by Cosmoda giveaway is Erin S with this comment:

Koko Lunch Bag Giveaway winner comment


Congratulations to all of the winners!! Check your inboxes for an email from me!

Happy Thanksgiving! (And some links for you)


I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Its my favorite holiday (probably because pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts and autumn is my favorite season).  Friday is my husband’s birthday and on Saturday we’re putting up the Christmas decorations. Its going to be a good long weekend! Hope yours is good as well! I’ll be back next week talking about some of our Christmas traditions.

Crunchy Betty— This site is great! She has TONS of DIY body products and recipes. She’s very witty too.

Make Your Own Solid Perfume — Speaking of Crunchy Betty, I read this about a month ago and have been thinking about it ever since then. I used my less-than-half-price Vitacost gift certificate to buy some essential oils, and I’m going to make some perfume over the weekend. (If you are curious, I bought ylang-ylang, wintergreen, grapefruit, and rose geranium. I already have some other essential oils that I’m going to combine with these.)


Picture from Bargain Hoot

Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial — I saw these velvet pumpkins over at The Nester and thought they were so pretty, but so pricey. Yesterday, I came across a tutorial for how to make them myself. Its too late this year, but I see some in my future for next year. (Now I just need to find some orange velvet…)


Picture from Lil' Blue Boo

Handmade Gift for a Little Girl — This is a tutorial to make these little wooden dolls. I don’t think we’ll do Disney princesses, but I think some little families or maybe even our extended family and good friends, would be a great gift for my daughter. (I’m hoping I can get my husband to paint them because my painting skilz are non-existent.)


Picture from Simple Bites. I sure hope mine looks even half this good!

Maple Pecan Pie — My husband’s birthday is on Friday and he’s requested a pecan pie. I’ve never made one before, so this is the recipe I chose.


Picture from Oh Frannson

Charm Squares Baby Quilt — I just started this quilt last night. I’m hoping to be able to get in a lot of crafting time over the holiday weekend. We’ll see how that goes,though.