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Menu Plan Monday – Calm Before the Storm


planitdontpanicSomehow the first two weeks of November are going to be crazy busy. I’m usually not that busy as far as “outside the home” activities go, but for some reason it seems like everything always gets squashed into a small period of time whenever I actually have something to do. I’d rather it was spread out, but it’ll make for a fast couple of weeks! So, I’m going to try to be super organized this week around the house so perhaps everything won’t go to shambles as quickly around here. (A girl can dream, right?!)

Menu Plan

We didn’t half of the stuff on the menu plan last week. I was sick most of the week and my husband was working a couple of unexpected evenings, so the complicated stuff went out the window. We did still eat healthy, though, because I had bought a bunch of fresh veggies and fruit and I didn’t want those to go bad. So, I’m still going to call it a success since we didn’t go out to eat and we still ate lots of fresh stuff.

Here’s this week’s plan!

Breakfast: Same as usual, except this week I’d like to try this baked pumpkin oatmeal.

MondayChicken Makhani with naan bread

Tuesday –  Spinach calzones – I’ll use a whole wheat crust and fresh spinach.

Wednesday  – Veggie Laden Shepherd’s Pie – I switched the recipe from last week. I’d forgotten I’ve made this recipe before and it was really good.

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Big Huge Salad with homemade dressing (I’m going to post the recipe for the dressing later this week. Its good!)

Saturday – Halloween party at my sister-in-law’s house – I’m bringing a cheeseball and flax seed hot dogs. (I’m kidding about the flax seed part!) :) I’m dressing up as as Renaissance woman. (Costume was free! Got it as a hand-me-down last year!)

SundayReformation Day Celebration at church – You know, we like to run the gamut of partying. :) We’ll do something fast and easy for supper and try to make it out of there with only one treat bag instead of two or three. Thankfully, they give away tiny little toys instead of candy for the activities and  when you leave, you get the treat bag. If I’m sneaky, the kids don’t even see the treat bag and they’re happy with the little toys they got. (Don’t worry. I’ll give them a couple pieces of candy. I’m not that mean!)


I’m linking up to Organizing Junkie and Keeper of the Home.

  1. 10/24/2011 7:23 pm

    The baked pumpkin oatmeal looks very interesting. I also checked out her peanut butter oatmeal which looks equally good.

    Looking at your breakfast plan reminded me that I need to start my soaked granola for tomorrow!


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