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Tuesday Links — 03.22.2011


I’ve decided to informally start homeschooling our four year old daughter in the afternoon while my son naps. It’ll mainly just consist of reading to her and doing some activities in a few of her workbooks. I do not plan to buy a formal curriculum. Mostly, I think its more about me realizing that those two hours I used to have to myself in the afternoon are definitely gone. I might as well make the best of the time I have with my girl! (It only took three or four months to come to that conclusion….)  I’m looking forward to learning with her! (If I can stay awake during reading time. What is it about sitting down and getting comfy around 2pm that instantly puts me to sleep?!)

A Sneak Peek

Tomorrow I am going to do a gardening update. Just as a warning, it does involve horse poop. Namely, me shoveling it and spreading it on my garden area. It will also involve high fashion, as you can see from my daughter above. Don’t worry. You’ll get a closer look at her outfit tomorrow. If the horse poop doesn’t get you to come back, then that outfit definitely should!

The Links!

Doing Good, But a Little Less Than Others — from Kevin DeYoung — My favorite quote: “When we get fired up about a particular good cause, good idea, or good read, we think everyone else should be too. But isn’t it ok, on some matters, that our conscience and convictions and capabilities lead us down different paths of passion?” Love the conclusions he comes to about this.

How to Protect Your Time from Too Many Good Ideas — from Small Notebook (HT: Simple Mom) — I’m glad to know I am not the only one with the problem. The size of my “Things I Would Like to Make” bookmarks folder is ridiculously large. This is a great reminder about setting priorities. (Something my husband is always reminding me about every time I tell him about a new thing I have to make right now.) :)

Goodreads — I love this website! Its like Facebook for books. You can see what your friends are reading, would like to read, and have read in the past. After reading a book, you can also rate it on a scale of one to five stars and do an optional review. I have gotten so many good book recommendations from this!  I also use it as a way to record books I come across in various places that I’d like to read, but can never remember when it comes time to go to the library. Not any more, though! :) I’d love to connect with you on there. The link I gave is to my page on Goodreads, although you have to become a member to access it.

How to Make Elderberry Syrup — from Naturally Knocked Up — The longer I go without health insurance, the more interested I am in herbal and natural remedies. :) That is only half-way true, but it does motivate me to try new things to try to keep us out of the doctor’s office! We just ran out of the elderberry syrup I bought and now I am going to try to make it. (Bought the dried berries from Mountain Rose Herbs.) Elderberries have many benefits, including helping with the flu. We start taking elderberry syrup as soon as we suspect we might be feeling bad, although some take it daily during flu season as a preventative. Thankfully, its fairly tasty. My son thinks its candy and gets all excited when I pull the bottle out.

  1. Nana Phyllis permalink
    03/22/2011 8:26 am

    Your garden looks huge! You are in for a lot of work keeping it going. Wish we were near to share in the produce you will be harvesting. Will you can or freeze?

    • Kate permalink*
      03/22/2011 1:26 pm

      Phyllis, My FIL went a little crazy with the plowing and plowed the entire length of the lot (at least a hundred feet, maybe more.) I have staked off an area measuring 20 ft wide by 30 ft long. I still think I have gotten in over my head, though. Might as well jump into the deep end! :) I’m planning to freeze a lot of things. Not sure about the canning yet. We’ll see how things go.

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