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You’ll Have To Excuse the Silence….


I have been cleaning the house in preparation for my son’s birthday party tomorrow. When I get tired of that, I’ve been working on my daughter’s Easter dress. Its coming together surprisingly quickly (I already have the skirt and the bodice done), but has not left me with any down time to post.  I have a post all ready to be written about how to make your own compost barrel very inexpensively, so you can look for that on Wednesday. (Try not to start jumping up and down right now, okay? I know you’ve been waiting your whole life to read about compost barrels. :) )

I'm using the same fabric for the dress as I did for my daughter's apron.

While I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been listening to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Its a fascinating story and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Incidentally, did you know that some libraries allow you to check out and download audio books online? For free? Amazing. This is my first time trying that, and I am hooked. I had been listening to audio books that I got for free from an Audible Trial membership, but that has expired, so I am delighted to find a new free source for audio books.

So, instead of reading a really long post about compost bins today, you should find your local library’s website and check out for yourself what resources are available to you–free! Go!

  1. 03/07/2011 9:23 pm

    Will you be making a matching Easter outfit for Callum too!?!

    • Kate permalink*
      03/07/2011 10:35 pm

      That’s a negative. Pretty sure my husband would not agree to his son wearing a pink and green polka dotted tie. I think I am going to make myself a matching dress, though. (Just kidding.)

      I would like to make him a couple of cute ties.

  2. 03/08/2011 6:20 am

    Actually, I am excited about how to make your own compost barrel. One of my goals is to start composting this year, and I need a place to start!

    • Kate permalink*
      03/10/2011 11:00 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  3. 03/08/2011 4:05 pm

    Excited to see the dress!!!

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