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Tuesday Links — 02.15.2011


Its beautiful outside! I’ve got the front door open and clothes drying on the line. Lovely!


Apron Tutorial — I am making this for my little friend, Luke, for his birthday. (I tried to put a picture of the fabric I am using in the post, but I keep getting an error message. Strange.) It finally worked! The fabric above is for the apron. :)

Finding Safer Products: Using the Skin Deep Database — from Simple Organic –This is an excellent article about how to figure out what is in the products you are using for your skin and hair.

A Soap Making Photo Tutorial — from Keeper of the Home — I really want to learn how to make soap sometime this year. This is the method for Hot Process Soap.  There is a tutorial about how to make cold process soap over at the Simple Dollar. Anyone ever tried making soap before?

  1. 02/15/2011 5:14 pm

    Luke says thank you!!!


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