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Tuesday Links — 02.01.2011 — The Birthday Edition


My daughter is four years old today!  At her request, her cake is going to be a Rainbow Cake.  When asked what she wanted for her meal, she replied, “Sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, and bread.” I tried to convince her to have something else and made several suggestions of other things she might like, but she has not deviated from this menu. So that is what we are having. I’m going to go ahead and make some crock pot rotisserie chicken to serve with it, even though she assured me that wasn’t necessary, because that’s a lot of sweet potatoes and it might be nice to have some protein in there.

The rainbow bunting! (And if you look close, the apron I made is laying on the table.)

Festive Bunting Tutorial — I made a rainbow bunting for decoration. It’ll be used for all of our birthdays from now on. I also accidentally made enough of the little flags to make 72 feet (!) of bunting. I’ve put together 30 feet so far and the other 40 feet will have to wait until later. (My son’s birthday is in March, so I’ll try to get the rest of it done by then.)  On the bright side, most of my fabric came from my stash and it didn’t take long at all to make.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms — I bought white tissue paper at the dollar store and was going to make these to hang around the dining room, but ended up not needing them. I have made them before, though and they are easy, beautiful, and frugal!

How to make a rainbow cake — This cake would definitely not fall under the category of “natural” or “crunchy.” However, once a year is fine to indulge in some food coloring. (Especially since we try to avoid it the rest of the year.)

Lower Sugar Sweet Potato Casserole — This is what I am serving this evening. I wanted a recipe without tons of sugar so we all wouldn’t go into a sugar coma between this and the cake. Besides, they are sweet potatoes. I think they are sweet enough without adding tons of sugar.

Dip to go with Sweet Potato Fries — The Sweet Dipping Sauce is so good! Its simply 1/2 cup plain or Greek-style yogurt, 1/4 cup maple syrup, and cinnamon to taste. I use the yogurt I make and organic maple syrup. Yum!

  1. 02/01/2011 9:10 am

    LOVE all the color!!! Rebekah and I made Lily a card- hope she got it!!! I am worried we didn’t send it soon enough tho. :(

    Maybe we can skype later? R and L would love to see L & C!

  2. Donna/Nonna permalink
    02/01/2011 9:11 am

    Lily…. I cannot wait to celebrate with my “4 year old granddaughter”! You have grown so much, so quickly! Your mom has done a terrific job of decorating and cooking…looking forward to those sweet potatoes.

  3. Nana Phyllis permalink
    02/01/2011 9:15 am

    Happy birthday sweet Lily!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the little ones on your blog soon. Have enjoyed all the recipes for natural beauty items. I’ve been using the oil to clean my face and would like to gather all the ingredients to make the hard lotion one of these days!!

  4. 02/01/2011 9:27 am

    We will def be having that cake for RJs 4th bday. Thank you Crunch.

  5. Tara permalink
    02/01/2011 9:45 am


  6. Aunt Gwen permalink
    02/01/2011 6:00 pm

    Dear sweet little Miss Lily, I hope you have a great birthday! Sorry i couldn’t make it today. i want you to eat some sweet potatoes for me.

  7. 02/02/2011 4:24 am

    Yay, Lily!! Happy Birthday!!! Looks beautiful, Kate.

  8. Lisa permalink
    03/15/2011 8:13 pm

    Your bunting looks amazing – I love the colors, too!


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