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Kinda Crunchy, not Ultra Super Crunchy


Inspired by one of my friend’s posts, I thought I’d talk about ways in which I’m not crunchy. There are many areas of my life where I don’t embrace “crunchiness.” (Or whatever adjective you’d like to use–natural, green, earth friendly, chemical-free, etc.) In an effort to be transparent and let you know that I am normal (at least as much as I can be normal!), I thought I’d make a little list for you.

Things I do that are decidedly not crunchy:

  • I like to use lots of chemicals when I clean my toilet. Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and some of those Clorox wipes? Oh yeah. Get the germs off!
  • I will break out the bleach, Lysol, etc when someone in my family gets the stomach flu. I’ve seen how sneaky those little germs can be and the sooner they are gone, the sooner I am done cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night.
  • I really like Ranch dressing. And mayonnaise. (But not together.) I’m slowly phasing out mayo and I’m going to try the recipe I linked to last week, but its going to be difficult to give those up. (Honestly, I’ll probably never give them up completely.)
  • Every once in a while, I NEED a Diet Coke. I usually don’t buy them, but I have friends who supply my habit.
  • I don’t recycle. I know. Its horrible. I actually tried to, but the town we are in is way behind the times when it comes to recycling, so we actually don’t have that much we can recycle. They’ll only recycle newspapers and cardboard boxes for the paper.  They won’t even take cereal boxes. (They will take glass and plastic bottles, but we don’t have much, if any, of that kind of recycling. ) I try to reuse and repurpose as many things as I can, but we are sadly lacking on the recycling front.
  • I don’t compost either. Its on my list of things to do someday, though.
  • I do not and will not ever use “family cloth.” (Also known as cloth toilet paper.) No way. Never going to do it.
  • Similarly, I do not use, nor am I ever planning to use, Mama Cloth or a Diva Cup. That’s cool if you do. Its just not for me.
  • I do cloth diaper, but not exclusively. We use disposables as we need them and definitely overnight.

As you can see, the blog is appropriately titled–kinda crunchy. :) Just wanted to let you all know that, even though we do try to do things naturally around here, that we don’t do everything that way. I don’t want to set some kind of standard around here that I can’t live up to myself! I’ll probably never completely give up my Ranch dressing and I’ll definitely have a Diet Coke every once in a while and that’s okay. Those things bring me enjoyment and I really like them, so its alright if I have them in moderation. (I figure if I cut out MSG from most other sources, its just fine if I have a little in the Ranch dressing. :) )  I’m not trying to preach to myself here because I came to these conclusions a long time ago, but merely to tell you that I’m not a stickler when it comes to this stuff. There’ll be no judgment from me if you buy your yogurt from the store and throw away your chicken bones without even making stock from them first. :)

Do you have some things that you will never do in an effort to be “natural” or “green”? Or perhaps some things that you just aren’t willing to give up? Do tell. :)

  1. grace permalink
    01/26/2011 2:33 pm

    LOVE this! even though we have recycling for a LOT of stuff…once in a while something ends up in the garbage by accident…and i am ok with that…same with cooking from scratch (which i prefer)…once in a while, we will buy something to make the meal complete…that isn’t … and my biggest one…our cereal HAS to be 10 (well now, 12 cents) per ounce…no matter what… but…once in a while…you got it…we pay more. it is great to have basic guidelines…and follow them as much as possible, but don’t fall apart if it has to be different once in a while…

    ps i used to recycle b/f we’d get paid for it…my friend pattie still teases me about my stacks of newspaper, washed out glass, and cardboard bundles! yay…

  2. 01/26/2011 3:12 pm

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE where I’m credited! Awesome link for me! Thanks, Kate. ;) I appreciate the transparency and the realness. I also appreciate that you did not judge me (often) and always made being friends super-easy…(unless I asked about your rent, note to self).

  3. Mamabellum permalink
    01/26/2011 3:31 pm

    I’ll fork over the extra cash to buy organic milk, but I’m a diet coke (with splenda, not aspartame!) per day kind of gal. I quit drinking it while pregnant because I didn’t think a growing fetus needed aspartame in all its evil, but now that I’ve discovered it with splenda I’m back on the habit.
    I’ll always use real deodorant. And I’m with you on the toilet cleaning–I love me some clorox wipes!

    • Kate permalink*
      01/26/2011 4:15 pm

      Hey Mamabellum–I dare you to try the coconut oil deodorant. Mwhahaha!

  4. 01/26/2011 4:19 pm

    I love it that you’re green but also flexible :-) We are recyclers and I use cleaning products and soaps/detergents from Ecostore (an NZ-based company). I also try to avoid using the dryer if I can help it. We’re planning to use a mix of cloth and disposable diapers (more of the disposables at first, then switch to mainly cloth). I also don’t drink caffeine, and rarely do we have ready-made or take-out dinners. But there are some things that I wouldn’t do. I had never even HEARD of a mama cloth till I checked that link. No thanks. I’m also a big fan of bleach, ha!

    Question – is there a particular brand of cloth diapers that you preferred? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Bumgenius brand. What do you think?

    • Kate permalink*
      01/27/2011 8:11 pm

      We use Fuzzi Bunz and love them. One of my friends really likes Rumparoos and the other one likes the Thirsties. I’ve also heard good things about Bum Genius, though. There are so many to choose from these days. Way more than when we bought ours 3 1/2 years ago. The market has really boomed.

  5. 01/29/2011 9:14 pm

    And this is why I love you, Kate!! Sure was great to talk to you the other day. I miss good friends . . .


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